Hollywood Stuntman

As a Hollywood Stuntman John performed stunts and safety in dozens of feature films including The Rock with Sean Connery and Nicolas Cage, The Fan with Robert DeNiro, A Nightmare on Elm street Part 5 and Matrix 2 and 3. John was also a reoccurring hitman for a regular mob boss on the television series Nash Bridges starring Don Johnson and Cheech Marin. John was also a stunt instructor teaching everything from high falls, car hits, bar fights and high speed chases.


Armed Bodyguard

John studied martial arts since high school studying Jiu Jitsu, Karate, Tai Quan Do and studied Bujitsu Kai from Frank Dux who was portrayed by Jean Claude Van Damme in Bloodsport. John went through a vigorous military type training camp which included weapons training, martial arts and tactical driving to become armed bodyguard tor the entertainment business. Ironically John was hired to bodyguard Jean Claude Van Damme when he first arrived in the United States.


Guns N Roses

In the mid 80’s John answered an ad for a band needing a bassist. "I was asked to meet the band at a deli, but ended up going to a seedy apartment instead. All key band members were present less bassist. John was asked to join Guns N Roses and was offered to go on GNR's gig following week and their first “tour” to Washington. When John turned it down he was offered a permanent member role which John again turned down.


Green Day Press Conference Brawl

While Green Day was at John's studio workin on their grammy winning album American Idiot, Green Day did a secret side project band named "The Network", where they dressed in disguise and denied any claims of any member involvement. A press conference was held at John's studio where the chairman of Warner Music asked John to be a plant journalist. Acting as an interviewer at the press conference John was told to antagonize the band and that's it. In disguise Tre Cool threw a strawberry at John. John went into full stuntman mode, lunged at the band and attacked Billie Joe in disguise throwing punches (looked real but no one hurt!). Turning into a full out brawl John and the band knocked over cameras and lights while the rest of the press ran out the door. Many big industry trade magazined wrote about the press conference melee.


No-Name bands. The Black Keys and The Killers

Running Studio 880, John was able to see many artists careers start. Two in particular were The Black Keys and The Killers. Working with producer Jeff Saltzman, John allowed a no-name band to record for free at his studio. On top of that, John and Jeff both shot The Black Key's first music video free of charge. Jeff brought in a 60's era super 8 film camera in and for no budget Jeff and John shot the video. In the scene where The Black Keys are standing in the middle of a giant slot car track while playing, John is controlling the cars. Jeff also brought the Killers in but the studio was fully booked so John made The Killers a "care" package of microphones, pre-amps, guitars and guitar amps. Jeff brought the equipment and The Killers to his condo where he recorded "Hot Fuss". The Killers used John's very first guitar amp he owned since he was 14 for the entire album. Although Jeff offered to purchase the amp for an undisclosed but crazy amount after the album was a hit, John decided to keep the amp which he still owns to this day. Later John and his studio were hired to put together a gospel choir to add to the song "All These Things that I've Done".


Show Stopper. Green Day, Ashanti and Madonna

1. Green Day. John has been known to put a stop to some major performances. One time John was going to a Green Day concert and his pass was mistakenly not left at will call. John called Green Day bassist Mike Dirnt and said, sorry Mike, no pass so I’ll catch you at the studio next week. John heard Mike shout to Billie Joe and Tre Cool, hey wait, don’t go on yet! Lucrazy is stuck at Will Call. 2 minutes later a crew member sprinted up and cleared up the situation. Mike then called John and asked “Are you in?” After a yes thank you the show began. 2. Ashanti. John was working on mixes for pop star Ashanti. John had an idea for a mix that he wished to bounce off of Ashanti. John called Ashanti’s manager who happened to be her mother. Ashanti’s mother exclaimed “We are literally side-stage at Madison Square Garden, about to go on, we can’t talk right now but what’s the idea in a nutshell?” John quickly shared his idea and Ashanti’s mother said, WAIT!, Ashanti, hold up, you gotta hear this! Ashanti got on the phone and said Hi, super quick, I was to go on this very second. John spilled out his idea and Ashanti said to the stage manager, I need 2 more minutes then let John know she was excited about the idea and wanted to know more. The show was held up for an additional 3 minutes or so and the idea was put into John’s mix. 3. Madonna. In the mid 80’s John was hired as the 2nd unit director/stunt coordinator in a feature film. While filming at a large park in San Pedro, CA another film crew had set up in a location which John’s film crew had a permit for. This did not bother John as we were filming in another direction which would not effect the shot. Soon a disgruntled assistant director confronted John and shouted “You need to move out of here NOW!” We are filming a music video for recently famous Madonna.” John calmly exclaimed, we have a permit for shooting here, but you are not affecting our shot, you may be our guest but do not disturb us again. The AD became insensed and shouted again, you need to clear out for Madonna NOW!. John then produced a permit and said, you have 20 minutes to take down all the crosses, and clear out of the park before I report you to both city permitting and film commission. And on top we will claim legal action for you delaying our shoot. The AD turned white as a ghost and apologized profusely. John said, I will let you film so as long as you no longer disrupt our shoot. Like a Virgin was allowed to continue filming that day due to John.


Rock's most iconic bass guitar goes on eBay...and nobody bids on it!

Was entrusted with one of the most iconic bass guitars in music history.Green Day’s bassist Mike Dirnt entrusted John with his bass “Stella” for over a month while Green Day was away for over a month. As a joke John put Mike’s bass on EBAY for 400 dollars claiming it was once owned by a famous musician in the group Menudo. John called Mike and told him he found a great deal on a vintage bass on Ebay then sent him a link while on the phone. Mike was shocked but also found it amusing. Especially since nobody cared to bid on it.